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Comet Leasing Inc

Mobile Storage in Winnipeg

At Comet Leasing Inc., almost all of our storage units can be mobile. You can safely store your items at our storage compound or your project site by renting our mobile storage in Winnipeg.


All of our storage trailers can be transported to your location, so your belongings are never too far away.


Since 2001, We have been in the business and are one of the largest storage trailer inventories in Western Canada. We are confident in providing our services at a competitive price with excellent customer service. At Comet leasing Inc., we have the proper mobile storage in Winnipeg for your industrial needs, and we even offer same-day delivery in most cases. Connect with us to see how we can assist you.

Is Mobile Storage Right for Your Site?

When we transport our mobile storage solutions to your site, you need to be able to accommodate our equipment in several ways beyond having enough space to load and unload the container or trailer. Be sure that you consider the following aspects of your site to ensure our trucks and storage options will fit safely.

  • Level ground – Our storage trailers need level ground to rest upon so they won’t tip over. Please ensure your site isn’t on a hill or steep incline. 
  • Site access – When we deliver our mobile storage solutions, our drivers need to have easy access to your location.
  • Ground hardness – If the ground is soft, this could lead to problems for our trucks. Please ensure that the ground at your site is hard enough for trucks to drive and park on. 
  • Air space – We also need to know if there are any overhead cables and overhanging trees in the area. If there are, we may need to reconsider our access point.

Benefits of Mobile Storage

  • Provides short and long-term storage solutions: There could be many reasons why you need more space. You might be renovating your office, or the distancing guidelines require you to need more space. This is where mobile storage comes in handy. We will deliver your personal storage space so that you can have it on-site. The delivery and pick-up are up to you so that you can focus on running your business and nothing else.
  • On-site access: You can keep anything from documents to tools by opting for a mobile storage solution. It provides a cost-effective way to store important documents that might get damaged during renovation or in the office.
  • Helps you store inventory in advance: If your business is an e-commerce platform or deals in products, having a mobile storage space will be an excellent option. Portable storage space can make sure you can buy all your products in advance and keep it in the storage space. We ensure you can keep surplus supply under control, allowing you to replenish stock when needed.

How Can Mobile Storage Help Your Business?

We can transport our storage trailers to your projected location on your schedule, ensuring quick and hassle-free transportation. At the same time, we understand different businesses have different needs, and our products and services are personalized to your needs. Our trailers come in sizes between 45’ to 53’ that can store various items safely. One can check out our gallery to see how we provide a full spectrum of storage options, and one connect with our customer care to learn about our long-term and short-term storage solutions.

Contact us for On-Site & Mobile Storage in Winnipeg

Comet Leasing Inc. has a variety of storage solutions to meet your needs. With over 100 years of combined experience, the team at Comet Leasing Inc. knows what they’re doing. With our mobile storage in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas, you can rest assured knowing your items are safe and secure. We always focus on customer service, ensuring you have a pleasant experience when you deal with us. For more information about our mobile storage and other options, contact us today.

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Mobile Storage for Commercial and Industrial Needs

Need more space? Store your inventory in our mobile storage!

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